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gayga cricketfanclub lovebaby lovablemale aliciabab was set up in 2003 as the UKs online social network. A place where you can go dating with friends of friends, finding linked friends for jobs, a flat share, a new 5 a side football team, or just a good trusted recommendation for a plumber. Whilst many people do use for dating, whether that is dating direct with new people or simply dating through friends. If you just want to connect with new friends that’s fine and many people do that without the stigma of dating.

There are many places on the web where you can just go dating with friends with but the focus of these sites is purely dating and helping to set your friends up with new people for dating. Our experience is that dating through friends is probably the safest and most successful way of dating – you go dating with trusted people recommended through trusted friends. Great for meeting new friends or just dating!

The best thing about an online social network like Linkyourfriends is that it is currently free – we make our money from advertising – so you can dating with friends – this relies of course on you inviting your friends to join you and go online dating with them for free. Dating through friends we found is the best way to go dating – some internet dating sites are a bit creepy as you never know who you are meeting – go dating through friends and your date will be vouched for by friends – we call it safe dating.

We researched many dating services and online dating services and found that many such online personals and dating ads were sexed up and when you met the person it was a different story. That’s why online social networks work for dating – our surveys found that for dating, over 80% of our friends dating met their perfect partner through friends or friends of friends. So the dating answer? – go dating with friends – there’s no stigma – its what people have always done for dating – it’s the dating solution that works – its dating online with friends and the best bit is that our online social network for dating is free.

Whilst many of us are working longer hours and having more stressful lives, we no longer have time to go out and go dating in the conventional way – going to a bar/ club for dating. That’s why so many people are turning to the internet for dating as you can do it from the safety of your desk. So we figured what was needed was a safe, secure dating service where you go dating with friends – the best way to allow people to search at their leisure in the comfort of their own home, but with the safety of having dates recommended by friends of friends. That’s the beauty of an online social network for dating
The other key part of dating over the internet is that you have a wide variety of people to choose from in a safe and secure environment that gave people the chance to get to know someone before dating and having to give out personal contact details. After all, we don't believe that dating someone should be difficult! Also dating through friends means you are likely to get better dating results – think about this – we like our friends and our friends like their friends, so it seems natural that we will like our friends friends and have more in common with them than dating random strangers over the web. Again safe dating, but dating where the likelihood of a strong dating match is much higher.
So if you are looking to go dating in the UK through friends – just sign up and invite your friends to come and join you at the online social network for the UK. If you want to go dating in England, dating Scotland, dating Wales or dating Ireland, or dating London, dating Belfast, dating Aberdeen, dating Cardiff, dating Birmingham, dating Bolton, dating Bristol, dating Cambridge, dating Coventry, dating Edinburgh, dating Derby, dating Bradford, dating Glasgow, dating Guilford, dating Hull, dating Leeds, dating Leicester, dating Liverpool, dating Manchester, dating Dudley, dating Kingston, dating Newbury, dating Reading, dating Newcastle, dating Norwich, dating Nottingham, dating Oxford, dating Plymouth, dating Portsmouth, dating Salford, dating Sheffield, dating Stockport, dating Stoke, dating Swansea, dating Wigan, dating Leeds, just sign up to Linkyourfriends, the online social network for the UK and go dating with friends

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