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What Our Friends Say - linkyourfriends

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It's so weird - the guy I've become really good mates with at work turns out to have gone to school with my old flatmate Sarah - we only realised when he saw her on my screen.

Charlotte, 23, Vauxhall

I moved away from London last year to start a new job – great career move, crap for my social life. Through the site I found out about a couple of guys who knew a mate of mine in London . They're only about 10 miles from where I am now, so we met up for a few beers. Now playing 5-a-side every week with them and got to know a few more people here.

Jonno, 27, Newcastle

The reason I'm on here is that I wanted to keep in touch with all my uni mates, and as I'm the odd one out living in the sticks, I wanted make sure I didn't lose touch with everyone.

Sarah, 23, Oundle

It's a great way, when you get it going, of being able to meet people safely, ie. you know they are a friend of a friend.

VickiP, 25, London

Finding the perfect bloke is a nightmare – living in a big city, working hard, same old friends. I didn't want to look desperate in some classified column and speed-dating sounded awful. I met Sam on here, through a friend of my friend Becky – I'm not giving anything away but it's going well!

JC, 31, London

Ski-ing is a massive obsession of mine and I get through the British winter by organising a few group trips. The site has been brilliant for inviting loads of people and getting some new faces along.

James, 33, Marlow

My friend invited me onto linkyourfriends and I am loving it. I have invited eight of my friends to link with me because this is a fun way to keep in touch. A friend of a friend I met on here is currently helping me to find somewhere to live when I relocate to Brisbane early next year.

Sean, 33, Edinburgh

I'm a very nosey person – have to confess I spend most of my time checking who's been looking at my profile and nosing around other people's!

Jackie, 21, London

I thought I was the only Ozric tentacles fan. I found a friend of friend with all the CDs I didn't have. Result.

Joe, 30, Bristol


Sounds a bit sad, but I found a really good guy to fix our boiler on here. I put it up on the forum and got a couple of recommendations that afternoon.

Dan, 29, Clapham