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linkyourfriends is Britain 's online social network. It is based on the theory of six degrees of separation (sometimes called the Kevin Bacon game) and allows you to connect with friends and friends of friends in a convenient and easy way.

Your details are not shown to the world at large. Your linkyourfriends profile is private to you and your network of close friends . It can only be seen by your friends and friends of friends (up to 3 degrees of separation away i.e. the friends of your friends' friends).

1) How do I get started?

Create a profile by following the simple instructions on Join .

2) How do I link friends?

Once you have joined, simply login and click on 'My Friends' and put in your friends emails. This will send your friends an invite to join your personal network.

3) How do I send/ receive messages?

We will send an email to your real email address to tell you when you have received a message from another member. You can then visit your ' Inbox' on the site at any time to read your messages by clicking ' My Messages'

You can send messages to anyone in your network (within 3 degrees of separation). For anyone outside your network, you need their permission.

4) Won't I be contacted by spammers, double glazing salesmen and people selling Viagra ?

Not if you don't know them already. You can only be contacted by people in your network of friends - anyone else has to request permission and you can block them if you later change your mind.

5) How do I Upload a photo?

Three ways - either:

1. Upload your own photo by following the steps in the 'My Photo' section….if it fails for whatever reason, please email us the photo to

2. You can choose a photo for your friends and upload it in their profile - subject to their approving the photo online.

3. Send us a photo to EFA Ltd, PO Box 2674, BRISTOL, BS6 9BZ . We'll upload and send it back (obviously helps if you give us your name, and address so we'll know who you are and how to return it).

6) How do I search linkyourfriends?

You can search your personal network of friends (to 3 degrees of separation) on link your friends once you are logged in . You can search by sex, age and what people are interested in.

7) Who is behind Linkyourfriends and what is the story?

For more information on us, click here.

8) Is it safe?

We are part of EFA Limited which is registered with the Data Protection Registrar No. PZ7992430 and confirms that all personal data handled and stored by us is done so in strict compliance with the latest Data Protection Act 1998. Click here for full details of our privacy policy.

9) Can I change my Profile or Email address?

Yes, you can change your Profile or Email address at any time by clicking 'My Profile', then using the relevant edit buttons.

10) How do I use the forums?     

The forums are a series of discussion topics where you can share information, ask questions and debate issues with your wider network of friends. They are easy to use and anyone is welcome to add comments/ views as well as suggest new discussion topics.

11) So this isn't a dating site then?

No it isn't. But as you might with a network of friends, you might set some of your single friends up. It's a bit like a local pub on a Thursday night …you're never quite sure who your else friends know.

12) What is the best Beatles song ever written?

I get by with a little help from my Friends.

13) How do I cancel my Membership?

To cancel your membership and delete your profile from the site, Click Here

14) Any tips for using linkyourfriends?

All information should be honest & genuine... fairly obvious, otherwise it is a waste of time. There aren't that many billionaire Nobel prize winners that are friends of our friends.

You can filter or block individuals if you want to.

If you feel someone is overstepping the mark please tell us.

link your friends works when you invite your friends to join you by linking to your profile. Click here to link friends - it's very easy and takes less than one minute.
Pictures are an excellent way to ensure all your friends get connected. To see how you can get a picture on your profile click here.

15) Any useful tips on safety?

If you want to meet new friends, m eeting people via link your friends is probably the safest way to meet new friends. You never have to give any personal details (such as your real email address, telephone number or home address) to anyone unless you wish to do so.

For added safety you can follow these simple rules:

1. Don't give your home address, email address or telephone number to a stranger.

2. Always arrange to meet in a very public place, i.e. a Pub or Restaurant. Never invite a stranger to your home.

3. Always tell someone else where you are going and approximately what time you will be back home.

4. Above all use your common sense, if you are unsure about meeting someone then don't, your instincts are usually right.

16) What is your ethos?

link your friends was set up to link friends of friends to each other. As a result we have fairly strict rules on 'online' behaviour, and will regularly check profiles - any profiles that are offensive, overtly sexual or obviously not genuine will be removed.