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Link Your Friends - Our Story

Sure, there are a plenty of ways to stay in touch with your old friends these days, and plenty of ways to meet new friends. For those you see regularly, you’ve got email, phone, text message, and so on. For those you haven’t seen for years, there are plenty of web sites that help you track down all those people who you lost touch with years ago when you were at school.

But what about all those friends who you weren’t at school with and you’ve lost their email address, they’ve changed phone number and you’ve no idea of how to get in contact with them. Well, that’s one of the reason why we started linkyourfriends so that you can connect with all your friends and their friends and the defining link is your connections, not just who you studied with years ago.

The other part is for meeting new friends, not just old friends – and what better way than to do that through friends of friends and people with common interests who are genuine people, vouched for by their friends.

We called this linkyourfriends because that’s what it is – it’s a tool that you can all use to link in your friends – it’s a new way to meet people – both old friends and new friends.

In the winter of 2002 when we first hit on the concept, we had sensible jobs as accountants and being cautious risk averse people were pretty nervous about giving up our proper jobs. Naturally we spent months writing business plans and finding as many reasons as possible not to go for it. We couldn’t decide.

Using our accounting skills, we devised a surefire risk adjusted decision process. The coin landed on heads and we decided to ditch our jobs and start after the New Year.

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